Dynamic Dialogues is back in Helsingborg!

Dynamic Dialogues is back in Helsingborg!

The time is Monday the 26 November 2012 and the place Helsingborg City Theatre. We’ll be staging the third of Dynamic Dialogues Labs series and will again be thinking big.

We will link up to the Helsingborg Vision 2035, who are creating and consulting for a vision for the whole city in 2035. The approach at this stage in the vision development is to have 5 dimensions of the city, which stakeholders are taking ownership over and suggesting their own concrete contributions for the next 20-25 years.

The five dimensions are:
+ The generating city
+ The vibrant city
+ The shared city
+ The global city
+ The balanced city

The institutional stakeholders of the city congregated on the 6 November and it is this material that shall serve as the foundation of Dynamic Dialogues III. We will lay out the exact same challenge to our participants and bring together the citizen’s vision of a generating, vibrant, shared, global and balanced Helsingborg.
From young to old, student to businessman, social entrepreneur to newly made parent, culturally very connected or less; footballers, vegetarians, stamp collectors, housewives, tweeters, emos, farmers, yogis, winterswimmers, etc… You are all welcome to participate in defining the vision for your future in your Helsingborg.
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