The Open Architecture Network

With the rise of sites like Wikipedia, knowledge has increasingly become open-source and globalised. The Open Architecture Network is a collective effort to share knowledge about construction amongst professionals and non-professionals both working in- and outside the construction industry. It virtually makes architectural knowledge accessible to everyone, including communities without the resources to hire professionals.
The Open Architecture Network is an initiative from Architecture for Humanity. It brings together architectural and technical design expertise from all over the world and makes it available in one online location. Architects can upload their work to share it with and have it reviewed by others, not necessarily experts.

The on-line network empowers architects, designers, builders and their clients to share architectural plans and drawings—including CAD files. All plans are shared through an open-source model and can be freely downloaded by everyone. It also provides access to project management tools. With more than 4500 projects now shared it is a global database and platform of knowledge on construction.

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