The +Pool

The internet has made it possible to get into contact with virtually anyone. So, if you have a good idea, there is a big chance that you’ll find someone who likes it and is ready to support you. That is the idea behind the rise of crowdfunding websites as, the 1% Club and Spacehive. Is this the future of funding projects like New York’s +Pool?

+Pool is an initiative to build a floating pool for everyone in the Hudson River. The project is a real technical challenge as it proposes to make a swimming pool that uses and filters the very water that it floats in. As this is a new innovation, the first step is to study the ways it can be realised. The initiators decided to put their idea on

After six days the project had collected 25.000 dollars, enough to do a technical feasibility study. Moreover, they were offered support from the engineers of ARUP. In this way it became a locally driven innovation with a global response. It is great to see how these kinds of projects can make the city a more attractive place to live!

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