The Otesha Project UK is a youth-led educational charity that helps young people to become leaders on sustainable living, climate change and social justice. The Otesha Project UK works with young people aged 6-28 from a diversity of backgrounds, inspiring them to create social and environmental change through their everyday actions, like cycling or buying sweatshop-free clothes.

You can find The Otesha Project UK at Small Works Hackney most days of the week. They are running Dr Bike sessions on Tuesdays from 5 to 6pm and would love to support individuals or groups to set up their own projects in the area. They hope to offer lots more in the near future including: regular CV and employability sessions, accredited qualifications, eco-craft and bike projects for young people, and a paid work experience programme to support residents into green jobs.

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gab is a social, arts and environment practice that facilitates creative workshops for community groups. By co-designing with the participants, they champion community-led action and support small-scale sustainable projects.

gab is at Small Works Hackney two days per week. They are currently gauging interest and support for a community mural on Regent Estate in Hackney. As such, they are gathering ideas about how the mural can best represent the estate and its residents. gab would love to hear your ideas about brightening up Regent Estate.

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