CLEAR VILLAGE was asked by Peabody to provide a vision for the future of Tump53, a unique small nature reserve Thamesmead, South-East London. Tump53 is one of the last remaining visible and accessible remnants of the military structures that until the 1960s formed the testing grounds for the Royal Artillery, based in Woolwhich. The place also has an intrinsic ecological value and was a place for the local community for many years.

We built our vision on a thorough analysis of local needs, including interviewing key local stakeholders, analysing the qualities of the place itself and the opportunities that the long-term regeneration programme in Thamesmead brings. From our research we concluded that Tump53 is in a good position to address 3 keys issues at play in Thamesmead:
1) a lack of positive life experiences for children leading to a negative influence on school results
2) lower than average health and wellbeing
3) a lack of community facilities, resulting in a perceived lack of community cohesion

Based on our research and analysis, we proposed that the tump should serve as a place for history, opportunity and community brought together under the theme of making. Making as an activity has the capacity to bring people together, engage them in new experiences and develop their skills. “Remaking” the tump in this manner would give the place an overarching theme and brand, while still allowing for a diverse range of uses and activities that are attractive both to local residents and visitors from elsewhere.