There are a number of opportunities to volunteer and help in the Walled Garden. Whether your motivation is to serve your community or enhance your CV the Walled Garden Team & Clear Village can support you. We offer the following opportunities:
+ Communications Liaisons with community groups and group leaders to improve engagement with the garden. For creative minds, to write encouraging releases including those for social media, to speak to people to empower them to improving their well being, health and personal development through specific garden activities.
+ Events Crew for volunteers to design, develop and implement an events programme for various community groups; Over 50’s, young people, schools, special needs etc. Events can include gardening clubs, specialist workshops, exhibitions, special talks, farmers’ style markets or one off soirees. The Project Manager will be your direct support.
+ Gardening Gang for individuals or groups to help with gardening tasks in the Walled Garden. For everyone, experts as well as those with little or no experience. It’s a great way to keep fit, learn new skills and develop new friendships. There’s plenty of support from the 2 garden coordinators on site as well as the volunteers from the Friends of Bedfords Park.

If you have an interest in helping feel free to email Kirsty, the Project Manager of the Walled Garden. Also if the above is not your cup of tea but you’d like to help with specific projects drop Kirsty an email. We look forward to hear from you.